Welcome to Your New Wiki for IDEC members!

This WIKI will be used in a workshop for IDEC members to learn about the use of social media and personal learning environments.
  • for our own learning
  • for collaborating in IDEC
  • for teaching in the classroom

You can use social media for this and a lot of other great tools.
I will give you a first grasp of the wealth of possibilities. In the workshop we will try to get a feeling how to use this.

Jeroen Clemens

The first thing is to work on your own PLE ( Personal Learning Environment)
Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) do exactly what they say on the can - they are personal to each individual, created by them, owned by them, used by them within their lifelong learning.

Example: My Signature looks a bit like a PLE ;-)

Jeroen Clemens 
' Stay hungry. Stay foolish' Whole Earth Catalog / Steve Jobs
Helen Parkhurst. Daltonschool VO / Secondary Education : Docent Nederlands / Language teacher; e-coach, onderzoeker / researcher
Universiteit Twente : Researcher (PhD) Digital Literacy
CV online: http://jeroenclemens.blogspot.com
edublog: http://hpblogs.nl/jeroencl (Dutch)
research blog http://jeroenclemens.wordpress.com/ (English)
Scoop.it http://www.scoop.it/t/digital-literacy
mobile: +31 6 48774889; skype: jeroencl; twitter: @jeroencl


If you want to know more about PLE, follow this Scoop.It on PLE or look at THIS